Henry's Unix Resources

  1. A Little Unix History
  2. UNIX Basics
  3. Henry's UNIX Security Tutorial
  4. UNIX Help For Users
  5. A UNIX Reference Desk
  6. UNIX Time Conversion
  7. A Brief Synopsis of Unix Shell Differences
  8. A Brief Synopsis of Unix Command Differences
  9. The KORN Shell
  10. A UNIX System Administration Course
  11. The UNIX Guru Universe
  12. AIX Home
  13. AIX Diagnostics Guide
  14. Some AIX Resources
  15. AIX BIST and POST codes
  16. comp.unix.aix Searchable Archive
  17. comp.unix.aix (You must define a valid news server.)
  18. Searchable Computer Knowledge Base
  19. The 10 Commandments of C Programming
  20. Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
  21. A Regex Guide
  22. sed, awk and ed
  23. UNIX man pages precede query with -k for topic search
  24. Writing Secure Code: A Resource Compendium
  25. vi commands
  26. E-Mail Status Codes
  27. An Acronym Server
  28. RFC Server
  29. HTML Sourcebook
  30. CDE Guide
  31. Tek-Tips
  32. Unix Guides
  33. UNIX Rosetta Stone
  34. UNIX Tip of the Day from the UNIX Guru Universe
  35. UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
  36. The UNIX Forums
  37. UNIX Hints for MSDOS Users
  38. UNIX is a four-letter word Ignore cute name; helpful site, drill down
  39. Basic UNIX Help for Users
  40. UNIX Books
  41. Internet FAQ Archives
  42. Useful AIX Info